SYNERGO is an electrolyte replacement for all types of birds, including racing pigeons.

It has a unique "no taste" formula and is scientifically formulated for advanced uptake retention and recovery.

Loss of electrolytes can badly influence the performance and recovery of racing birds.

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The Unique Electrolyte Replacement for Racing Pigeons.

Scientifically formulated for advanced uptake, retention and recovery.
Unique 'no-taste' formula.

SYNERGO has been designed to be used for racing pigeons to reduce travel fatigue and to aid recovery when electrolytes are lost during flight. When used correctly SYNERGO is the best way of replacing electrolytes and fluid lost through training or racing.

Directions for use.
Add at the rate of 2 heaped 15ml measures to 4.5 litres of clean water 24 hours, before travel and again on return from flight. Remove treated water and replace with clean fresh water no later than 24 hours after return. Smaller quantities of solution can be made by adding 1 heaped 5ml measure to 750ml of clean water.

Always use Synergo in conjunction with your normal watering routine.

200g Tub

Makes 30 Litres

£10.49 each

Including P&P

600g Tub

Makes 90 Litres


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1kg Tub

Makes 150 Litres


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