SYNERGO is an electrolyte replacement for all dogs, including racing greyhounds, gundogs and show dogs. It has a unique "no taste" formula and is scientifically formulated for advanced uptake and retention.

Loss of electrolytes can badly influence the performance and recovery of the canine athlete.

SYNERGO has been designed to be used for all dogs to aid fast recovery when electrolytes are lost during training, competition, racing or transport and in extremes of heat and humidity.

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The Unique Electrolyte Replacement for Dogs.

Scientifically formulated for advanced uptake, retention and recovery.
Unique 'no-taste' formula.

When used correctly SYNERGO is the best way of replacing electrolytes and fluid lost through panting, nasal drip and urination. The small tub is ideal to leave in a car glovebox in order to help rehydrate dogs on hot days or after training, exercise or long walks. Most owners will take water for their dogs and the addition of electrolytes in hot weather or stressful situations would be an added benefit.

Directions for use.
Add one 5gm measure, ( the tubs have a measure enclosed), to fresh clean water in a clean drinking bowl during or as soon as possible after training, exercise or racing. Also beneficial for all dogs in extremes of temperature and humidity and in stressful situations.

Can be used for show dogs to combat dehydration in a showing environment. This product does not contravene the rules of racing or any other canine discipline. This product is not a veterinary medicine.

200g Tub
(40 Dose)

£10.99 each

Including P&P

600g Tub
(120 Dose)

£16.49 each

Including P&P

1kg Tub
(200 Dose)

£21.99 each

Including P&P

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