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The Benefits of Synergo Isotonic

Electrolyte availability can become a problem when the rate of loss is greater than the rate of natural replacement. When an animal dehydrates over a prolonged time when in work, humidity, heat, competition or other stressful conditions such as transportation then electrolyte supplements are vital to maintain body functions at an optimum levels.

If the balance of electrolytes is disturbed through loss of fluids then serious consequences may occur with the muscle and nerve functions, circulatory and respiratory systems and heart rate.

Synergo works in harmony with the animal's natural bio-system to keep its body chemistry stabilised.


Fluid balance and electrolyte balance are inseparable when it comes to good health; both are of equal importance. Internal cell walls are semi-permeable permitting transfer of fluids and nutrients from one part to another within the fraction of a second. It is therefore the concentration of nutrients within those fluids that determine this important healthy balance.

The use of Synergo as a hypotonic drink, prior to a stressful event, allows extra reserves of water and electrolytes to be available to the animal than would otherwise be present.

The Synergo Isotonic is the effective hydration solution, which mimics the exact level of electrolytes found within the animal naturally.

Recovery rates are significantly improved if Synergo is given in isotonic form as soon as possible after any event competition or race.

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