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Completely Soluble, No-Taste Electrolyte Formula

Although animal electrolyte replacements have been around for many years, it is only with recent innovations and research that Synergo has been able to develop a product that addresses the inefficiencies that are generally associated with the more traditional electrolyte products on the market.

Adding electrolyte replacements in powder form as a food additive has always produced mixed results as the animal will often be unable to absorb the electrolytes in a dry form, whereas traditional water based electrolytes either have an unpalatable taste, or are insoluble, leaving a powdery residue.




Understanding these frustrations, Synergo Technology has developed a unique formula for its electrolyte replacement that is 100% soluble in normal drinking water and is completely tasteless to the animal.

The main ingredient in any electrolyte programme is water, so it makes perfect sense to use water as a natural carrier, allowing the animal to absorb the electrolytes at the correct levels required.

Simply add the product in conjunction with your normal watering routine and see the results for yourself.

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